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Google's new: Provide a Site Name to Search Update

Google has introduced a new update called Provide a Site Name to Google Search. This update affects how your online business appears in Google search results, and understanding its implications is crucial.

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What's the point in the update?

This requirement aims to enhance clarity, especially for websites that use abbreviations or have domain names like “MM.com.” 

It allows you to inform Google that “MM” stands for “More Money.” 

It’s worth noting that Google may suggest a better name to display on your site if it detects that users relate to or search for a term more frequently than the one you have chosen. 

For example, M&S’s current site name is “Marks and Spencer”; however, Google bots may change it to “M&S” in the future if they determine that “M&S” is searched for more often than “Marks and Spencer.

Why has Google implemented this update?

The primary goal is to provide the best search experience for its users. Clarity in search results is essential. Additionally, as part of this update, Google aims to eliminate misleading practices.

What should website/business owners do?

So, what should an average business owner, without the support of an online marketing or SEO company, do in response to this update?

Speak with your online marketing team or specify your site name preference and consider adding Website structured data to your homepage. 

Google’s site name system will also take into account content in attributes like og:site_name, <title>, heading elements, and other text on your homepage. 

However, it’s important to note that Website structured data is the most critical element if you want to specify your preference effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Picture of Orenthal Jackson

Orenthal Jackson

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