Digitally Organic

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Meet the team

Orenthal Jackson

Founder & Head of Organic Growth

Our job is to make your business win online by understanding the full digital landscape and positioning your business in front of your customers for the sale.

Shanice Jackson

Co-Founder & COO

Speed and efficiency is key to success and process improvement is what I do best! By taking measured, data-driven steps to improve our processes

Abid Ahmed

Head Of Branding

Ensuring UX and UI streamline sales is where I come in. Design and consistency are phycologicals  techniques used to ensure the sales funnel is closed.

Hannah Carr

Head Of Sales & Relations

Customer centric leader, building strong rapports with clients and making a positive impact wherever she goes.

Patrick Antwi

Senior Dev

Backend IT support structures are fundamental to a website. I contribute to your SEO ranking by ensuring technical efficiency.

Kanwal H

Senior SEO Specialist

Implementing effective strategies focused on driving sustainable growth.