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How to use AI to optimise SEO? freelancer secrets

This white paper is intended for SEO specialists who value and appreciate the power of knowledge. We will share a few of the industry secrets that my team and I currently use to amplify our productivity and gain an edge over our competitors. However, I must admit that we cannot reveal all of our secrets, as any reader of “The Art of SEO Warfare” would understand.

When testing GTP, Chat GTP-3, and now Chat GTP-4, we noticed that everyone around the world was exploring how to effectively use AI to generate blog content.

However, creating blogs using AI can have certain drawbacks, such as:

  • Misinformation,
  • Repetitive content,
  • Pulling existing content from the web,
  • and a lack of originality. In this article,

We will explore ways to overcome these challenges and mitigate these negative outcomes.

LinkedIn AI Article Strategy

LinkedIn is leveraging the distinctiveness of its platform to extract valuable information from industry specialists like myself.

Here's how it works:

When you log in to your LinkedIn profile, you’ll notice a prompt at the top of your page inviting you to contribute your insights to a featured article. Please be aware LinkedIn chooses SEO professionals they deem specialist. You can select the topic that interests you the most, and for each insight you add, users have the ability to add to or upvote the information you’ve provided.

This feature enables you to share your knowledge and expertise with a wider audience and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. It also allows other users to learn from your experiences and benefit from your insights. By utilising this tool, you can expand your reach and network while providing valuable contributions to the LinkedIn community.

How is it better?

One of the key advantages of using AI to generate content ideas and write them up is the speed at which it can accomplish these tasks. But the benefits don’t end there. By incorporating insights from industry specialists, the resulting blog posts can significantly increase their E-A-T score (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness). Moreover, this allows users to identify and address any discrepancies or misinformation in previous information added, reducing the risk of content duplication and elevating the quality of the content published on LinkedIn.

This collaborative approach to content creation not only improves the accuracy and depth of the information presented but also offers a way to produce a large volume of high-quality content. By tapping into the expertise of industry specialists and combining it with the power of AI, LinkedIn can offer valuable resources to its user base and foster a more engaged and informed community.

How do I adopt that strategy into my business?

If you’re a SEO specialist collaborating with copywriters, adopting the strategy of utilising AI to generate content ideas can greatly simplify your job. You can use AI to create topical authority maps and even ask it to write the content. Once the AI has produced the initial draft, you can then pass it on to your copywriters, who can add their own personal insights to the article. This approach can result in a genuinely unique and high-quality piece of content that combines the power of AI with the human touch of experienced writers.

By adopting this strategy, you can improve your workflow and create a more efficient process for generating high-quality content. Additionally, this collaborative approach allows for a wider range of perspectives to be incorporated into the content, resulting in more comprehensive and insightful pieces. By leveraging AI to streamline your content creation process and working with experienced copywriters to add their personal touch, you can produce unique and valuable content that resonates with your target audience.

AI Prompts such as AIPRM

Writing with AI is quick, easy and not unique. This means your blog idea is probability being duplicated as we speak. 

What is APIRM?
AIPRM is your AI Prompt Toolkit. AIPRM also adds a list of curated prompt templates for SEO, SaaS and more to ChatGPT.

How is the better:

With APIRM, you have the ability to request more tailored content based on your specific needs. This platform offers the option to change the tone and writing style with just a click of a button, instantly differentiating yourself from the millions of users who currently utilise Chat GTP for blog creation.

By integrating this tool with the approach outlined in the previous example, you can take advantage of the full capabilities of AI in content creation. With APIRM, you can further customise your content to meet the specific requirements of your target audience, ensuring that your content is not only unique and engaging but also resonates with your readers on a deeper level.

In a highly competitive online landscape, leveraging the power of AI can give you a significant advantage in creating high-quality content that stands out from the rest. By combining APIRM with the collaborative approach of incorporating industry specialists and experienced copywriters, you can unlock the full potential of AI and take your content creation to the next level.

How do I adopt that strategy into my business?

If you’re looking to take your content creation to the next level, be sure to download the free chrome extension for APIRM and join the thriving community of content creators. With this extension, you’ll have access to advanced features that can help you streamline your workflow and create more personalised content that meets your specific business needs.

Through the APIRM community, you can connect with other like-minded professionals and get valuable insights and tips on how to optimise your use of AI in content creation. Additionally, you can request different prompts that are tailored to your specific business requirements, ensuring that your content is not only high-quality but also perfectly aligned with your brand and messaging.

Final thoughts

While incorporating tailored prompts is certainly an effective way to infuse your content with a unique voice, it’s important to keep in mind that simply adding a personal touch may not be enough to truly set your content apart from the competition. It’s like playing the classic game of “spot the difference” – if your content isn’t providing anything new or different, it may be difficult to capture the attention of your target audience.

To truly drive quick, unique, and high-quality content that resonates with your users, it’s important to adopt a comprehensive approach that includes both the use of tailored prompts and the incorporation of industry insights and personal experiences. By combining these strategies, you can create content that not only reflects your brand’s unique voice but also offers new and valuable insights to your readers.

Remember, in today’s crowded online landscape, it’s not enough to simply create content – you need to create content that truly stands out and adds value to your readers’ lives. By adopting a holistic approach to content creation and leveraging the power of AI, you can create truly exceptional content that sets your business apart and drives meaningful results.