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£1,000 logo redesign competition

Lets Do It Together - This Time Round

🍎 Apple Inc. threaten to sue us we ran a public survey and many agreed it looked similar! No harm no fule this time we will do it right and drive the community closer our mission is build a brand that stands on intergy and drives legacy for business owners we work with. 

Why is our logo now a question mark?

🍎 Apple Inc. are threatening to sue us Digitally Organic

We had just landed back from Chiang Mai, 🛫 Thailand and a day before our anticipated trademark approval, we receive an opposition from NONE other than Apple Inc. regarding our logo – a cloud with a leaf emerging from the top. Threatening to sue us for infringement (intention to opposite) – Apple is a nearly 3 trillion dollar company! ($2,820,000,000) 💸 with unlimited resources. That we cannot compete with YET!

Apple has crushed thousands of trademarks and in 2022 alone Apple filed 215 trademark oppositions. We aren’t special.

Like many in the past that went up against Apple, we believe our logo is distinct. But we also understand the importance of protecting intellectual property hence why for the time we have removed our logo for the time being.

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